Pattern Finder EA

Complete professional automated trading panel. Track 60 currency pairs, which the user can group from to 20 pairs.-
Look for the bullish and bearish engolfing patterns and morning stars and evening stars. The user may have previously selected whether they only want alerts or that the EA opens a trade and manages it autonomously. You can also configure the location of the pattern with respect to a moving average or the vwap indicator. You can filter the patterns by: minimum size, maximum size, maximum shade accepted against the last candle, distance of the pattern closing with respect to a moving average, among others.-
Complete operations management: Breakeven, trailing stop, partial profit taking, total closing.-
Notice on the panel and in alerts on news of the economic calendar: being able to configure the time before the news for the notice on the panel or alert of mt4. You can configure the EA to turn off during the minutes before and after the news.-
Send by “Telegram” the open operations or alerts, showing texts and images.

Traling Stop Orders EA

It allows entering the distance to the Take profit and stop loss from the panel, calculating the lot based on the risk entered, it also allows a fixed lot. It “Trailing Stop” the stop loss keeping a fixed distance to the price.

Equity Protection EA

Full control over the results of a trading session.
Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.-
Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.-
Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.-
Protection of results by trailing stop global.-
Record of results achieved for the session (greater equity and lower equity).-
All calculations always performed on the balance sheet when logging in, so it does not influence the closing or opening of trades.-
In Metatrader 4 you have the possibility to close individual trades with a certain percentage in profit or loss of the account.-

Manager Positions EA

Panel Manager for manual trading.
You can open operations based on your own criteria by pressing the BUY / SELL buttons. The EA will automatically calculate the lot, based on the percentage of the account entered in the panel, it will calculate the stop loss and the first take profit based on the ATR entered in the panel. From the properties you can change the number of periods of the ATR.-
You can activate or deactivate the Trailing Stop Loss (tsl) from its button. When the price reaches the first take profit, the EA begins the Trailing Stop. The TSL distance is calculated based on ATRs and you can also enter a final target by directly putting the price in the panel.
The EA will constantly show the protected benefits as well as the floating result.-
If you want to close everything you have a button for it.-


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